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Thank you for being interested in getting to know me. I am originally from Venezuela and came to the US in 2001 to live my American dream. I really wanted to learn English as a second language (Spanish is my native language), so I decided to leave everything behind and come to the US. The situation in my home country was getting really bad, so I decided to stay in the US and continue my education. I worked very hard ... at one point holding three jobs while studying, but I was committed to accomplishing my other dream, to have a Master's Degree. It came true. I also earned an MBA, and a few years later I earned a second degree with a Master of Project Management. After graduating, I had wonderful corporate experiences where I met most of my friends.

Life gave me the chance to meet my soulmate through an Online dating site and believe it or not, it worked perfectly for us! We have been happily married for over 10 years and have two amazing little girls. Being a mom has been the most incredible blessing I have had.

After a few years, I realized that photography was my true passion, my obsession, my life! My girls became my inspiration and models. Then, I had another dream, to become a great photographer, artist, and entrepreneur. I wanted to serve people by capturing their special stories, their emotions and expressions, and the most important moments of their lives. So, that is how I started my new dream, Heartfelt Photography, LLC, based in Ohio.

About Marve, owner and photographer of Heartfelt Photography, LLC in Ohio

Marvella S. Duarte Coon

My Values:

Integrity, high ethics, and respect for others are some of my stronger values. Reliability, commitment, and embracing others are additional values I follow. As a professional, I also value creativity and versatility, because each and every client's story is different, and so should be their sessions. I value life in general, my family, friends, my clients, and nature.

I value quality vs. quantity!

I value community vs. competition!


Everyone is different, right? I am a unique artist that visualizes sessions based on what the clients' want, and that is how I recommend specific locations. I genuinely care about my clients and try to customize the perfect session for them. I go beyond what is expected to offer them the best service and products. I take the time to put extra love and dedication into every single image when I do my RETOUCHING process. I consider my style to be heartfelt, versatile, and timeless. I am also bilingual (Spanish is my native language), allowing me to communicate better and serve more people.

Fun Facts:

Another passion of mine is traveling. I have been in 36 countries and I absolutely love meeting people and discovering new cultures. I am totally obsessed with Japan and I can't wait to go there!

I don't like peanut butter at all, but I had to eat a spoonful of it when I became a US citizen many years ago ... It was not by choice, but a friend's wish. As you can see, I love my friends!

I have been a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters for over 12 years and I love it!

What my clients appreciate!

What my clients appreciate!

Ask the following questions:

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"Do you appreciate art and high quality products?
Do you want to have a great experience, feel relaxed, and have fun?
Are you looking to have unique and amazing memories that will bring you happiness and success?
If you say YES to all, I am your photographer! Let me serve you and make your photography dreams come true!"

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Family Memories!

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"Marvella was amazing. She took awesome pictures of our family. There were nine of us and she was able to get us all looking in the same direction and smiling. She’s so personable and just a joy to be around. In less than an hour she took dozens of pictures in different settings and in different groupings. I highly recommend her for all of your photographic needs. You will want to invite her to your next family gathering after meeting her."

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"Photography is the story I fail to put into words."

—Destin Sparks

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