"Totally You"

Personal Branding/Headshots

Do you like success? Let us capture the best of you, whether with a professional headshot or personal branding moments that reflect who you are personally and professionally. It is important to give a great first impression that will have a powerful impact with your audience and grow your business and career.

"Totally You"

Themed Celebrations

Whether it is a special birthday celebration or a child's magical story, let us take care of it! Be Totally You and have fun! The sky is the limit, so tell us what you wish to do and we will recreate it for you! Embrace yourself, your success, and your life! Create amazing and unique memories to be cherished forever!

"Totally You" Empowered People

This concept is created to empower people through my Heartfelt Photography. Meeting amazing people and getting to know unique stories is truly an honor. We believe that such stories can harness the true essence of these people, touch many hearts, and produce inspiration and hope. They can become very powerful and impact, in a very positive way, so many people around the world. Most of these sessions will be at our studio.

We offer the following Series:

  • Women Series: Be Totally You by showing off your real personality and dreams. Whether it is an extravagant or down-to-earth story, we will help you fashion the perfect session for you with lots of glamour, fun, and creativity. Feel beautiful, empowered and embrace yourself! Let us capture your inside story and your true essence.
  • Super Moms Portrait Series: This is one of the first series we are developing. Why? Gosh, because a Super Mom is a HERO! They do so much for their children and family! Being a Super Mom is not easy. Super Moms live and breath to make sure that their family is healthy, happy, successful, and displays the best human qualities. They take care of everything! They are here and there, planning, creating, solving, and doing things for others. Nobody is perfect by any means, but Super Moms are pretty close to it! Especially after this COVID-19 pandemic affected the world, many Super Moms might feel overwhelmed, under-estimated, depressed, or concerned ... so we came up with this idea to help them by making them feel beautiful, loved, and powerful as they should!
  • Children Series: Dedicated to our children while they are little, because they are what we love the most and we love capturing their adorable personalities, having a lot of fun, and creating cute heartfelt memories. Our children grow fast, so these portraits will be a treasure!
  • Men Series: We don't discriminate, and we would like to give men the opportunity to capture their stories, because they are important and it is worth capturing something special for themselves and/or their families. My husband wore a beard for the first time since we were together, and he wanted to capture his transformation and show how types of facial hair can change a man's look, invite creativity, and of course, have fun. He dedicated these portraits to all the men who suffered cancer and for men's health awareness as part of the Movember movement.

Heartfelt Totally You Portraits


Travel Agent Headshot

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"Marve is an absolute blessing!
She is very professional and truly passionate about her work! Her beauty and sincere kindness radiates
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"Dream big and persuade it with perseverance! Wish it and do it by being Totally You."


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