How do you manage your sessions with the current pandemic situation and restrictions?

We care about our clients, so we will do our best to make them feel comfortable. Currently, masks are not mandatory by the Ohio Department of Health against COVID-19. However, if a client requests us to wear a mask, we have no problem with it.

What is Marve's style?

I am a very passionate and caring photographer, easy to work with, and professional. My style is definitely heartfelt, versatile, and timeless. I visualize and help my clients to customize their sessions at the perfect location. I get inspired by each unique story I capture, including our clients' personalities, theme, location, and season.
I capture some traditional and posed moments as well as candid moments, reflecting everyone's personality, expressions, dynamic, and the interaction among the family members.

How is Marve differentiated from other photographers?

Each photographer is unique and offers different quality and services, and that is why it is so important for you to find the perfect fit with the right photographer.

I am a multicultural and bilingual (English & Spanish) speaker, which helps me understand more cultures and communicate better with my clients.

My artistic editing and retouching style is unique, made with a lot of love and care.

All my images include retouching, which most photographers do not include in their packages. This is a very time-consuming process and requires a lot of skill.

My clients describe me as follows: high quality, professional, passionate, kind, caring, easy to work with, extremely responsible, detail-oriented, friendly, enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgable, fun, and makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. I am very committed to what I do, I put my heart and soul into my work and I am glad it shows. Trust me! I genuinely do my best, going above and beyond for you.

Where are you based and where can you provide your services?

Heartfelt Photography, LLC in Ohio is based in Pickerington, but we serve our clients anywhere they want to go for their sessions, so we go to any city in Ohio and beyond. We look forward to expand our services to other states, and the world as our business grows.

What is your session fee?

Our session fee is $100 (except weddings, professional headshots, and special events) and it is a separate fee from the collection investment. This fee is non-refundable and it is required in order to book your session. It includes our time, talent, pre-session preparation, and artistic vision to create memories that will last a lifetime. It does not include any digital images, prints, or products.

How many collections do you offer your clients?

We offer customized full sessions and mini sessions. Each client, each story, each need is different, so we work with clients to create the perfect session for them. Our Heartfelt sessions (except weddings and special events) have 3 different collections: Premium, Classic, and Basic and they all may look different from client to client, again, because each session may be different. Our Premium collections could include between 15 to 30 digital edited & retouched images. Our Classic collections usually includes 10 digital edited & retouched images. Our Basic collections are usually treated as a mini sessions and they usually include 5 digital edited & retouched images.

The Collections investment vary based on each client, but the Basic Collections for Families starts at $200; Seniors start at $300, and Maternity starts at $250.

What does each collection include?

Our Heartfelt sessions (except weddings and special events) have 3 different collections: Premium, Classic, and Basic. They all may differ from client to client, because all our sessions are customized based on our client's story, needs, and desires.

Our Premium collections could include between 15 to 30 digital edited & retouched images. Our Classic collections usually includes 10 digital edited & retouched images. Our Basic collections are usually treated as a mini sessions and they include usually 5 digital edited & retouched images.

Also, all our sessions include an Online gallery, a mobile app, and a print release for personal use only (with some exceptions). The duration of the session (our time of coverage), and the length of time Online galleries are active will vary per session.

Prints and Products can be purchased at a reputable and professional Lab through your Online gallery at an additional cost, based on your order.

Do you offer digital images and prints?

Yes, we do! From their computers, our clients download their images through their Online gallery in High Resolution (Original resolution) and Web Size (2048px). Our high resolution images (Original resolution) are the full resolutions files, without any compression or resizing, ideal for printing purposes. The Web Size files are much smaller and ideal for sharing on Social Media, such as Facebook and Instagram.
Our clients have the convenient option of buying printing products through their Online galleries with a professional and reputable lab to guarantee the quality of the artwork.

Do you really retouch your images?

Yes, we do! The retouching process requires skill and the extra time invested is a labor of love for me. Our images are carefully edited and undergo a detail-oriented retouching with our unique artistic style to enhance (not transform) the beauty of the original image. We put all our heart and soul into your images, to offer you the best that you deserve. This is one of the biggest differentiations from other photography businesses, as many of them don't include retouching in their packages. For instance, we remove visible blemishes, brighten teeth, smooth skin, and, in some cases, even remove an unpleasant item from the frame.
Every photographer’s definition of editing and retouching is different, so it is important for you to understand what we offer and what it means, so that you can make the best decisions for your investment.

Can we buy additional images after we purchased our collection?

Yes you can! Although we capture many moments with photos, we select the best of them at our discretion and according to our artistic expertise. We usually select a few additional images based on the number of images you purchased with your collection. After we carefully edit and retouch each individual image, we deliver the Online gallery for you to select your images and it is then that you have the option to buy additional ones or the entire gallery, which is what most of our clients do.

Can I print my digital images through my Online gallery?

Yes, you can! It is great to have digital images to share with family and friends. However, professional photos of portraits and special stories are meant to be displayed around your home and the homes of your loved ones for all to enjoy. They bring such a feeling of happiness, pride, and success. That is why we now offer to our clients the convenience of buying print products through their Online galleries with a reputable and professional lab.
We recommend that our clients print their professional and high resolution images though their Online galleries to guarantee the quality of the original images we provide them. Our partner lab offers great and competitive prices for their high quality printing products. Please, do not print at a local "box store" or any other similar lab, because they may significantly diminish the quality of the artwork and your investment will be devalued.

Do wedding collections include a second photographer?

We absolutely love our clients' love stories, from their engagement sessions to their big day. We have even captured post-wedding sessions, which are optional for our clients.
We love weddings and what they mean for our clients. We understand that it is the most important day of our clients' lives and we take the commitment of capturing it very seriously. Our wedding collections involve two photographers, including myself, to provide the best coverage of your big day.

Do you do extended family sessions?

We love capturing family stories, including extended families. Our family sessions are tailored for families with 2 to 5 family members. Additional family members will be charged an extra fee. When we capture extended family stories, we focus on the whole group as well as each individual family. We create a variety of memories: group, couples, children together, individual portraits of each child, grandparents with grandchildren, mommy and children, daddy and children, and so many more! If you have a pet, it is welcome to join the family too.

Why testimonials are so important to Heartfelt Photography?

We really care about our clients and their opinion about how they felt during the entire process (including before, during and after their session) of the photography service we provided. Their testimonial will reflect their experience and will help others to get to know us better. We appreciate this gesture very much!

We encourage our clients to go to Google to leave a review by using this direct link: https://g.page/r/Cca2SRXArSQJEBM/review Also, clients can go to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/pg/heartfeltbymarve/reviews

Do you give any discounts for recurrent clients who want to book multiple sessions in the same year?

Of course! We appreciate our clients and their loyalty. If you want to book multiple sessions (for you and/or someone else), you will receive a special discount. It will depend of the type of session and collections you are purchasing.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept, and prefer, Online transactions with Zelle, but we also accept PayPal or cash.

Do You Have Any Other Questions?

I Would Be Happy To Answer them! Contact Us!

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